Auto-generating a prefill URL

Wouldn't it be great if you had an automatically-generated link to your custom prepopulated Formstack for each of your contacts so that anyone can quickly and easily update records without logging in? Formstack can help with that! For EnterprisePerformance and Unlimited Edition versions of Salesforce, Formstack's Auto-Prefill feature allows you to have pre-filled links generated for any of your forms and stored in new Salesforce records in a field of your choosing.

With Dynamic Prefill enabled for your form in your form's Publish Options, simply click the 'Auto-generate prefill links' toggle to enable Auto-Prefill for your form:


This will allow you to select a URL field in your form's primary object where you want your prefilled links to be stored. Selecting a field will automatically deploy a trigger on your primary object that will generate a custom prefilled link for you every time a new record is created for your form's primary object.

What if you want these links generated for existing records as well? 
That's easy! Simply select a list view that you want to update from the provided drop-down list, click Update, and 
Formstack will generate links for all the records featured in that list view.

A few things to note when using the Auto-Prefill feature:

  • Auto-prefill is not compatible with objects that have more than one level of required lookup fields. For example, if your primary object has a required lookup field to another object, if that other object also has a required lookup field, you will not be able to enable Auto-Prefill. In this case, we recommend following the steps below to create a custom trigger.
  • There is a limit of 2,000 records that can be updated in a single list view. To update more than 2,000 records with prefill URLs, we recommend writing custom Apex code to achieve this or use the data loader tool.

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