Prefill Links are not being generated

"Records created by our internal users are not generating pre filled links"

UPDATE: Jan 19, 2018: Included with your next installed packages is a Permission Set called "Utility Permissions". Assign this permission set to any and all users who will be expected to create records that include prefill links.

Lately we have seen some users communicate that new records that have been created by their internal users are not generating prefill links.

Currently we are recommending that users grant access for the users who will be creating records to the following Formstack custom object:


and its fields Prefill_Url__c, FormstackID__c, Is_Native__c

Users who are unsure how to assign custom permissions to their users should follow this guide:

*NOTE* Users may also choose to assign Formstack Permission sets to all of their users who they expect will create records, but this is not recommended.

Organization-Wide Sharing 

If links are not being generated for internal users or external users check Setup -> Sharing Settings.  Ensure that the appropriate access has been given to the user type for the objects containing the URL field.

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